NSS RECY Silver nanowires

CAS number: 7440-22-4 | EC number: 231-131-3

Silver nanowires are one-dimensional nanostructures with diameters below 100 nm and several micrometers in length, usually available as colloidal suspension dispersed in alcoholic solvents, glycols, or water. 

Silver nanowires possess low light absorption in the visible region and have been investigated as a competitive alternative to replace indium tin oxide (ITO) in transparent conductive electrodes. Due to the high surface area and antimicrobial activity of Ag, recently a myriad of applications has also emerged in catalysis and biology fields. NanoScientifica RECY Silver Wires are fabricated from certified ultrapure recycled silver metal. Our utmost target is to expand to 90% of our nanomaterials portfolio with massive use of recycled metal sources in the next 2 years.

Structural features

NSS Ag nanowires structure resembles high-aspect-ratio (> 1000) nanoparticles with pentagonal cross-section, which emerges from the symmetry breaking of the face-centered cubic lattice of Ag driven by adsorption of polymeric capping agents to specific facets of nanocrystal.

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Silver nanowires are useful in a wide variety of applications, including Components transparent electrodes, Optoelectronic Devices, Rigid or flexible transparent conductive films, Solar cells, Temperature sensors, Mechanical strain sensors, Piezoelectric sensors Biosensors Supercapacitors Rigid or flexible electronic screens: Electrochromic screens, Electroluminescent screens, Lighting screens, Touch screens, (Organic) Light Emitting Diode (OLED/LED, Conductive adhesives, Photo-voltaic cells, Batteries, Printed Radio Frequency Identifiers (RFID), Electronic paper (e-paper).

We offer two main variants: NSSAgNW30 and NSSAgNW50, whose properties are featured in the table. The minimal volume for purchase is 50 mL.

Product number NSSAgNW30 NSSAgNW50
Solvent MiliQ Water MiliQ Water
Length > 10 μm >30 μm
Diameter 30 nm 50 nm
Concentration 0.5 wt% 0.5 wt%

We are happy to work with our customers to provide multiple nanocatalysts for testing purposes or larger batches of nanocatalysts for industrial purposes. Please contact us at nanoscientifica@nanoscientifica.com with your specific requests, or your targeted area of work.