NanoScientifica - we make nanoparticles

Enabling the use of shape-and size-controlled nanoparticles prepared by scalable and environmentally responsible processes



Highly  monodisperse in size and shape



from gram to kilogram scale



We ensure minimal batch-to-batch variability

#Sustainable #Commitment

Our automated continuous fabrication platform  is designed to produce nanoparticles of the highest technical quality  from mili- to kilogram scale while having a small environmental footprint.

#Sustainable #Commitment

Our fabrication processes are designed to produce nanoparticles of the highest technical quality while having a small environmental footprint. 

#RECY #Nanotechnology

We are committed to continuous improvement and environmentally responsible processes. Our ambition is to produce more than 90% of our nanoparticles from recycled metal sources. Check our product line "RECY" which contains nanomaterials produced from recycled metals.

#RECY #Nanotechnology

We are committed to continuous improvement and environmentally responsible processes. Our ambition is to produce more than 90% of our nanoparticles from recycled metal sources

business cases


CO 2  conversion 

Catalyst for chemical transformation of CO2 onto CO or high calorific fuels

Fuel cells

Catalyst for fuel cells electrodes based on shape- and size- controlled PGM nanoparticles

Heterogeneous catalysis

Catalyst for heteregenous catalysis in liquid and vapour phases


R&D on synthesis of highly active, selective and stable catalysts

example of our capabilities 


Nanoscientifica RECY Pt Octahedron

Single-crystal nanoparticles; highly catalytic

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NanoScientifica RECY Au nanocatalyst V

Single-crystal nanoparticles; highly catalytic

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Nanoscientifica RECY Ag Particles

Single-crystal nanoparticles; Multi-applications

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Nanoscientifica Pd Cubes

Single-crystal nanoparticles; highly catalytic

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Nanoscientifica RECY Silver Wires

Printed Electronics, Antimicrobial

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Nanoscientifica Gold SC* Particles

SC* = Single-crystal 

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Nanoscientifica Gold Nanoparticles

Polycristalline citrate-capped nanoparticles 

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Nanoscientifica RECY Silver Ink

Organic electronics


Nanoscientifica RECY Silver Cubes

Single-crystal nanoparticles


Nanoscientifica Gold Plates

Single-crystal nanoparticles


Nanoscientifica Gold Rods

Single-crystal nanoparticles


Nanoscientifica RECY Iron Oxide Particles

Superparamagnetic nanoparticles


At NanoScientifica, our production prowess matches the magnitude of your ambitions, always chasing the lowest possible carbon footprint.

Let´s shrink those emissions together!

 plenty of opportunities

 r&d collaborations

Plugin-in R&D

Collaboration is a key driver for technology development. Contact us, we are happy to discuss tailored solutions and verification projects.


NanoScientifica has been granted by Sweden Innovation Office (Vinnova) Step 2 - 2023

NAnoScientifica will work to accelerate development of proton-exchange membranes for FC (PEMFCs). The expected PEMFC catalyst is a combination of recycled Pt-based shaped nanostructures (e.g. octahedra or cubes) on high surface area carbonaceous electrocatalytic support with as low metal loading as possible. It will contribute to the development of innovative and sustainable solutions for the growing demand for fuel cell technologies.  

#EU Project - Horizon 2020- Sustain-a-Print - 2022

We just received approval for our Horizon Europe Project – Sustain-a-Print (#SaP). Over the next 3 years we will develop biodegradable and recyclable electronic materials, and processes that incorporate these into a more sustainable life-cycle. This project is truly sharing our vision of creating sustainable and circular technologies based on advanced nano materials

NanoScientifica receives EIT Raw Materials Booster Call 2021

We are very proud to announce that NanoScientifica was approved for the EIT Raw Materials Booster Call 2021. EIT Raw Materials grant will be used to scale-up important new parts of our production process as well as further develop commercial relationships.

NanoScientifica has been granted by Sweden Innovation Office (Vinnova) 

We got awesome news! @vinnovase agency awarded Nanoscientifica  one of the  innovative Startups grants 2021 which will let us boost our work towards sustainable manufacture of metal nanowires for organic electronics

Among the 5 startups to watch in the field of nanotechnology

@StartUsInsights analysed 829 startups, and decided to list 
NanoScientifica Scandinavia  as one of 5 startups to watch in the field of #nanotechnology. Link

NanoScientifica is listed among the 100 best Research-to-Business in sustainability field by Swedish Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA)

Swedish Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) had listed the "NanoScientifica" project as one of 100 research with business potential (research-to-business, R2B) in the area of sustainability.

our team

Company team
Oscar H. Moriones
Nanomaterials Synthesis Expert

Oscar holds a Ph.D in Chemistry from Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2), focused on the synthesis of nano-scale noble metals and metal oxides nanoparticles with different shapes, architectures and compositions. Productive advisor for nanotech engineering companies. 

Company team
  Robson R. da Silva
Innovation Leader

With a background in the synthesis of morphology-controlled nanoparticles by Univ. São Paulo and São Paulo State Univ. (Brazil), Georgia Tech (US), Nat. Inst. for Mat. Sci. (Japan) and Chalmers Univ. Tech. (Sweden), he brings experience in sus tainable large-scale fabrication and entrepreneurship  .
Company team
Daniel Jacobsson
Director of the Board

Daniel brings experience from business development, entrepreneurship, operations management & strategy, start-ups and scale-ups. With an educational background in Business administration and Finance from Un. of Gothenburg, Daniel has a M.Sc. in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from Chalmers Univ. Tech. (Sweden).

Company team
Kasper Moth-Poulsen

With an educational background from Univ. Copenhagen (Denmark) and UC Berkeley (US), Kasper holds today a position as full professor in nanomaterials chemistry and Chalmers in Sweden. He brings to our team experience with research leadership, scientific discovery and startups.

Company team
André Kelkanne

André brings leadership and experience of setting up and developing commercial collaborations with international tech companies world-wide. As CEO and Chairman, he recently led his previous company from birth to acquisition by market-leading US-based NVIDIA listed on the NASDAQ exchange.

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