NSS Gold Particles

CAS number:7440-57-5 | EC number: 231-165-9

NanoScientifica Gold Particles endows a series of monodisperse polycrystalline nanocrystals with a spherical shape with an average diameter ranging from 10 - 50 nm.  Citrate-capped nanoparticles are very stable. Citrate-capping can be easily functionalized with various ligands, such as peptides, DNA,  and antibodies.

Structural features

Colloidal suspension of Gold Spherical nanoparticles shows strong light absorption in the visible region due to the intense surface plasmon resonance cross-section. NanoScientifica Gold Particles are manufactured with cutting-edge technology, free from aggregation, ready to straighten their full performance in your research, development, and use in industrial-scale in your demanding applications.

Our nanoparticles are precisely characterized using UV/VIS spectrophotometry, Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM). Upon request, dynamic light scattering (DLS, particle size analysis) and/or Zeta potential (surface charge) measurements can also be included in the Certificate of Analysis.

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We are happy to work with our customers to provide samples for testing purposes or larger batches of NanoScientifica Gold Particles for industrial purposes. Please contact us at nanoscientifica@nanoscientifica.com with your specific requests, or your targeted area of work. 

Product number NSSAuNP10 NSSAuNP30 NSSAuNP50
Appearance Red Suspension Red Suspension
Red Suspension
Average size 10 nm 30 nm 50 nm
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